The Google launched in recent days the new beta version of Android 11, the next version of one of the major operating systems in the world. This will initially be available to users of the brand’s smartphones, the Google Pixel .

In this new version we can expect new features for the notification area, especially those related to conversations, in addition to a large number of new features and minor adjustments in terms of multimedia and the security and privacy of users.

Below are some of the features that may attract more users’ attention in the future.


Every year Google focuses on developing its operating system, which is how notifications are organized. The solution is to highlight three major areas: messages, alert notifications and silent notifications.

The new area with the most prominence is “conversations”, dedicated to messages received in the various messaging applications, such as the system’s SMS application, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

In addition to joining them in just one “bucket”, these can be reproduced by rules slightly different from other applications, such as appearing in a floating bubble format (as with Messenger) in order to have an even greater prominence outside the notification area.

These are basically the familiar bubbles of Facebook Messenger, but now adapted to various messaging applications.

Also in the new message area it will be possible to choose the type of priority among three options: Priority, Alert and Silent. Below is an explanation of how they will be used:

  • Priority: on the locked screen, the message marked with this option will appear with the avatar of the person who sent the message, thus giving greater emphasis to the message. In the notification area the message will appear first and with a greater emphasis around the icon.
  • Alert: works in the normal way, alerting the user.
  • Silent: this option will prevent the alert from notifying the smartphone, however messages will appear normally in the conversation notification area, in the lower area.

New playback and screen capture controls

Sometimes the notification area can seem like a big mess and for that Google has developed in Android 11 a new area where the functions of music controls or videos appear. In the new version of the operating system, music application controls appeared in the notification area, close to all others in various applications, which could cause confusion for some users.

Now the music controller will be available in the quick settings area of ​​the same area, thus being separated from the confusion that can be the large amount of notifications.

This can appear in two ways, where one “pushes” the quick settings to the side thus giving a specific area for the controller, and another that when expanding it gives you several options for controlling what we are hearing, like the bar of the song and a button to choose where it will be played, in case there are more devices connected, such as a Bluetooth speaker.

Regarding screen captures, now whenever the user makes the command to capture the screen, a thumbnail of the image will appear in the lower left corner with quick editing options, which can be very useful. This option already exists on some Android 10 interfaces , such as Samsung’s OneUI 2.1, where I’ve used this function several times.

Video capture can also appear as a native option of the system, being that it appeared in this version and with a very good operation.


Permissions are another point that Google has tried to address in order to give users knowledge of the applications that use permissions in the background on their smartphones.

In this area there is a new feature that will redefine all permissions given to applications, even those that have not been open for a long time. In this way, the user can review all permissions that are being used on the equipment.

In applications that seek permission to use the location of the equipment, it is always possible to have three options to choose from: “While using the application”, “Only this time” and “Do not allow”.