It is known that the Apple Watch is one of the main products of the brand, mainly after the various developments in health. It was precisely there that Apple focused to present today the new Watch Series 6 .

Tim Cook, at the Apple Event , said he uses his company’s clock to see the temperature, receive notifications of the activities he has on his schedule during the day, record his fitness data and access the music stream. With this type of statements we can see that currently this is already one of the essential products for many, in addition to the smartphone .

Another of the highlights spoken by Tim Cook was the various messages the company receives about users sharing how the electrocardiogram system saved them, by launching alerts in time in more critical situations.

With all these statements, Apple focused on the new smart watch by adding and improving several of its functions, such as a new sleep monitoring system and a function that helps and reminds us to wash our hands. In addition to the previously known functions, the Apple Watch Series 6 is now capable of detecting oxygen pressure in the blood in just 15 seconds, even when you are sleeping with the watch on your wrist.

In technical terms, the new smartwatch comes with an optimized dual core processor, being more powerful than the previous model. It also has a new sensor, an altimeter that tells the user how tall he is.

Like the other new model, this one will also come with several new color combinations, different formats and textures. According to the Apple website , it will be available from September 18th for a price starting at € 439.