If you are a user and fan of the various Smart Home services Google , this may be good news for you, the Google unveiled a new interface for its smart screens, Google Nest Nest Hub or Hub Max.

According to a video from the company, we can see the whole new interface of the equipment, where better organization and several interesting functions are visible.

One of the first functions now found, right after going through the home screen is the “Your Morning” tab, where we can see all the summary information of what Google Assistant thinks is relevant for that day.

The options you use most, events or tasks in the calendar and the weather will appear. In the “Media” area, suggestions for content that may please you, such as Netflix movies or series , which can be viewed through a Nest Hub, will appear .

Another very interesting function is the integration with communication platforms, with a tab also special for this type of services. According to Google , Zoom will be one of the applications that will soon arrive on smart screens.

Finally, depending on the time of day, a new dark mode will be available, which is already widely used in various equipment and systems.

The new update of the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max equipment is scheduled for the coming weeks, as well as those of other equipment that use this system.