Today was the day of the presentation of the long awaited Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the new smartband of the Chinese brand that was expected by many fans.

Despite arriving with many new features compared to its previous version, the Mi Band 5 will maintain what is best, its price.

When looking at the new bracelet we see practically what we are already used to, a simple and elegant design, but with the difference of having a slightly larger screen which will attract the attention of many possible buyers.

This arrives with a 1.2-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 126 × 294 pixels and an RGB DCI / P3 color space.

New functions and physical activities

The new version will have support for more modalities, thus rising to a total of 11. Below we leave the list of activities that you can find:

  • Running
  • Treadmill
  • Bicycle
  • walking
  • Exercise (free)
  • Swimming
  • Elliptical – new
  • Rowing – new
  • Rope jumping – new
  • Exercise bike – new
  • Yoga – new

Functions such as sleep monitoring have also been improved, with an assessment of heart rate while the Mi Band user falls asleep. According to the brand, the new update can detect sleep problems that will be registered in the application, later giving tips to the user.

The SpO2 sensor is also a novelty in the new version of the bracelet, now giving the possibility to measure the oxygen values ​​in the blood. Data recording will be done every second for an 8 hour period, which can also help in terms of improving sleep quality.

For several months it was said that Xiaomi was also preparing surprises more focused on the female universe, and these came to be confirmed, with the addition of functions associated with the registration of the menstrual cycle.

In addition to all the functions presented, you will also have breathing exercises and remote control for the smartphone’s camera, which will be very useful for several users.


In terms of battery we will find 100 mAh that can have up to 14 days of autonomy. One of the novelties in this area is the new way of charging, in which it is not necessary to remove the equipment from the bracelet to carry it, now being done at the bottom of the bracelet through a magnetic piece.

The NFC options will also be present on the bracelet, but still not certain for the European market, since the brand has not yet officially presented its global version. However, the function must be present, since in China, the brand’s country of origin, the function will be available.

Pricing and availability

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will arrive in two models, one with NFC and one without, with a small difference between both. According to figures in China, the simplest version will cost around € 24, and the NFC version will cost around € 28.5. For now we can not count on these values ​​in Portugal, but everything indicates that they should not be more expensive than the Mi Band 4 that arrived for about € 39.99.

The new Mi Band 5 will hit stores on June 18, and over the next few days, Xiaomi is expected to present its new bracelet to the whole world, thus giving certainty of the expected characteristics and values.